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Apartments for sale at Presevska 17-19

New homes in Zvezdara - are you looking for new homes or flats in Zvezdara? We offer new homes and flats of high quality at favorable prices. We can currently offer you a new building in the area of the Zvezdara municipality, on Presevska Street.

Please spare a few minutes of your time and see why we recommend you buy an apartment in this extremely attractive location.

Who are we?

CPMH Real Estate is part of CPMH Group AG and operates both in Serbia and Switzerland. For more than 10 years, we have been engaged in the construction of residential buildings in both countries. We are known for our high-quality facilities, professionalism, and responsibility.

Our main activity is the construction and sale of residential and commercial units. The primary goal of our company is to offer apartments that offer an outstanding quality of living and thereby inspire our clients. Presentations of current projects are available to our customers, with the possibility of interior design according to the customer's wishes. When building our facilities, we use top-quality materials, modern construction techniques, and a professional and expert team of people.

Flat prices

For current apartment prices and payment options, please contact us.

What flat structures do we offer?

The offer includes flats of different sizes. You can choose from one-and-a-half-room to four-room apartments, whose areas are from 44 to 112 sqm.

Does the building have garage spaces?

The building has garage spaces. There is a possibility of installing a charger for electric cars.

What important facilities are located near the building we are building?

Common to all apartments is an excellent location and high-quality construction. Nearby there are numerous schools, kindergartens, and faculties, as well as Zvezdarska suma, SC "Olimp", Vuk's monument, and Djeram market.

How to contact us?

For any further information, you can contact us at prodaja@cpmh.rs or +381 63 634 163.