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Natural mineral water


Why Prolom Water?

Natural mineral water - did you search for these words in Google search and found our site? You are in the right place, because Prolom water is one of the best naturally mineralized waters in Serbia, but also in the region.

The Prolom water spring is located on the eastern slopes of Mount Radan, which belongs to the oldest volcanic massif in this area. The whole area of ​​Radan Mountain is a kind of ecological oasis, because in a diameter of 50 km there are no industrial plants or busy roads. Source Prolom water and a modern bottling plant are located in the immediate vicinity of Prolom Spa, where all the healing properties of Prolom water and the surrounding natural environment are in the service of improving health and vitality.

Who does Prolom water help and what diseases does it cure?

Prolom Water belongs to the group of low-mineralized, highly alkaline, bicarbonate waters. It has a diuretic and bacteriostatic effect. Low mineralization allows it to be drunk in large quantities, and the mineral composition is suitable for all categories of consumers: children, pregnant women, adults, athletes and recreationists.

By drinking Prolom water has a beneficial effect on:

  • kidney and urinary tract diseases,
  • diseases of the digestive system,

and in combination with balneotherapy in ProlomSpa is recommended for:

  • skin diseases,
  • rheumatism.

On its way from the source to the consumer, Prolom water passes through a completely closed system without any physical or chemical treatments. Prolom water makes its first contact with the outside world when you open the bottle!

How to contact us?

If you are interested in additional information or purchase Prolom here, please visit our website https://www.prolomvoda.com.