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Vehicle registration Belgrade


Who are we?
Were you looking for a reliable company that performs vehicle registration in Belgrade? Through our website Vehicle registration Belgrade you can perform a technical inspection and registration of all types of vehicles.

In addition to registration, auto liability insurance and technical inspection, other services we provide to both legal and natural persons are: deregistration and payment of property transfer tax throughout Serbia, issuance of test plates, conclusion of KASKO insurance, issuance of green card, glass insurance, passenger insurance, travel insurance, technical review etc.

It is also available on our website vehicle registration calculator which is of an informative nature but sufficient to allow you to know relatively precisely the costs of your registration.

In our technical inspections, there is also a POST office counter where, in addition to all registration fees, payments for other bills can be made. We offer several options for payment to natural persons - in several monthly installments by citizens' checks, all payment cards, as well as through an administrative ban.

Why choose us?

Special benefits that we provide to legal entities with the aim of long-term and high-quality cooperation are the complete management of the vehicle fleet as well as the delivery and delivery of documentation in a short period of time. Put your trust in us and see for yourself the expediency and efficiency of our team because our motto is FAST, ACCURATE AND CORRECT.

How to contact us?

You can always contact us through our website: https://registracijavozilabeograd.rs